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Professional grade application 

Waxworx are fully accredited in applying professional grade Ceramic and Glass coatings. We offer a variety of different options of protection and durability levels from Titan Coatings and Kamikaze Collection giving us a wide spectrum for some of the finest protection coatings available. 

Professionally applied paint protection coatings lay down a hard, thick coat that provides a intense gloss level to the paintwork and helps protect against elements such as Tar, Bird droppings, Road grime and due to their flexible properties can help to prevents light scratching and swirl abrasion.

Protection coatings can be applied to Paintwork, Glass, Wheels, Metalwork, Plastics, trim, Convertible roofs and also Interior items such as leather, Suede, Plastics and Carpet.

Ceramic coatings come in a variety of forms for example hardness & protection levels and durability levels - we always recommend calling us to discuss options so we can ensure the best level of protection is applied to meet individual client needs. 

Ceramic Coatings : Services
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