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Waxworx have put together a package aimed at providing a complete surface layer of protection across the whole car, whilst raising the appearance of a vehicle above and beyond showroom standards.

​Our New Car detail will start by making sure the exterior is completely clean and free of contamination from Tar, Iron and general fallout before a full paint inspection is carried out to asses the condition prior to our polishing stages.

Our polishing stages will allow us to remove any factory defects and create a perfectly level surface for the protection coatings to adhere to, this part of the process is critical in ensuring the surface allows the Ceramic coatings to bond correctly - this intern helps to increase the products durability.

We will apply a full exterior Coating package to your cars Paintwork, Glass, trim, metalwork and wheels and use surface curing lamps to bake the product correctly creating a total surface protection barrier to protect against fine swirls, bird etching, tar and road grime for up to 48 Months.

New Car detailing is available from £695.00.

( Detail Duration 3-4 days )

We can also remove wheels allowing us to fully treat alloy wheel internals, brake calipers, suspension and arch liners at a extra cost.


The Paint Correction process is to remove fine scratches and wash induced swirl marks which can appear over time of a cars ownership reducing appearance and optimal paint clarity. 

This process requires skill and patience, we start by making sure each panel is correctly decontaminated and prepared correctly. We then measure the surface paint depths, to ensure only the required  Polishing or Cutting level is under taken, to make sure a optimal amount of Paint Depth remains so to not weaken the integrity of the Clear Coat. 

This process can require multiple stages to remove defects including a jewelling polish to leave the paintwork crystal clear with beautifully deep reflections. 

Once Paint Correction has taken place the results are a clear swirl free surface taking thousands of miles or years of a car appearance.

Paint Correction is unique to every car and clients needs! So we do ask that customers book a appointment with us to assess the vehicle prior to a price being put together. 


Our Enhancement detail is designed to optimise a vehicles paintwork without performing a full paint correction process removing light defects and bringing paintwork back to a showroom finish.

Once this process is carried out we will apply multi layers of Carnauba wax or Paint Sealant as a light protection barrier ( 6months protection ) or we can upgrade to a Ceramic Coat at a extra cost.

Prices from £300.00

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We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle period Classic detailing a skill that has been perfected over years of preparing vehicles for Show or period correct events. 

Waxworx have perfected these skills to make sure Classic vehicles are cleaned and detailed in the safest possible way using steam and dry ice cleaning to preserve and protect valuable and sometime obsolete parts are not damaged.

We appreciate a classic is not used everyday we can offer a full enclosed collection and delivery service.

Please call to discuss and requirements and arrange a bespoke quotation.


Waxworx offer bespoke packages and deliver the highest standards for any event your car or cars maybe attending and can co-ordinate the safe collection and delivery to and from the venue.

Please call to discuss and arrange a appointment to discuss your requirements in detail.


Waxworx work directly with one of the countries best Paint protection film installers, Paint Protection film provides a barrier aimed at protecting against stone chips and scratching using pre cut templates to ensure a perfect fit.

Paint protection film can be applied in various formats from individual panels to complete car coverage so we do recommend giving us a call to discuss requirements. 


Waxworx offer a range of bodywork repairs from small scuffs to full car re-painting by a skilled and trusted network of bodyshops saving on poor quality repairs. We ensure every job meets our high standards by managing the process on your behalf from start to finish.

Please call for more information.

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Waxworx offer a Alloy wheel refurbishment from light scuffing to full wheel colour changes and diamond cutting.

Please call for cost and more information.


Paintless dent removal can be arranged whilst your vehicle is here with us to further enhance the appearance of any vehicle. 

Please contact us for further information.

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